Meet Our Staff

James Verdisco received an A.S. from Suffolk County CC as a Fitness Specialist and a BA/MA in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation at Adelphi University with a minor in nutrition. James Verdisco is the president and founder of J.P. Verdisco Exercise Health and Fitness Inc. James has built a practice that prides itself on the highest quality of service. He is credited with changing the way medical professionals are now looking at rehabilitation and healthcare control. Physicians across New York State call upon James to assist in diagnosing complicated clinical disease cases and to treat their patients. He is well known across New York State for his ability to alleviate pain and discomfort faster than any other alternative means of treatment. His clinical expertise in low back pain, joint replacement, cardiac/pulmonary rehab and neurophysiology has been life changing for many patients.


James P. Verdisco


Clinical Exercise Physiologist

James has spent countless hours of his time dedicating himself to his patients, schools, and communities treating and educating individuals about the importance of correct physiological exercise to enhance health and well-being. James has worked extensively in the field of childhood early intervention strategies for the State of NY. James is the first exercise physiologist to create programs to treat autistic, developmentally challenged, and behavioral children using neurophysiological exercise programs in early intervention. His programs have been innovative and recognized on both the state and national levels.


His knowledge of sport science has helped many athletes explode through plateaus and achieve fast, game changing results. James is one of only a few physiologists in the state to be able to utilize VO2 max testing. He can provide scientific sport specific analysis to prescribe the most efficient physiological exercise protocols for athletes of all ages.


James is also certified through the most nationally recognized organization in the country, The American College of Sports Medicine.

"At our facility there is no typical patient. Our patients are of all ages and range from the clinically diseased to the most gifted of athletes"


Jason Verdisco

Clinical Assistant Director

Exercise Physiologist

Jason, an Exercise Physiologist and Strength Conditioning Specialist holds a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Adelphi University as well as ACSM and NSCA certifications. Jason's interests and expertise are in human Performance Training, Research, Cardiopulmonary and Physical Rehabilitation and Nutrition. Mr. Verdisco loves coming to work here at J.P. Verdisco Exercise because he gets to implement the most scientifically proven methods in bringing any populations health and fitness goals to the next level.

Ernesto Garcia

Exercise Physiologist

Ernesto graduated from Ithaca college with a degree in Exercise Science. He is working towards completing the ACSM's Clinical Exercise Physiologist Certification and is also looking forward to obtaining a masters degree in Exercise Physiology. As an Exercise Physiologist Mr. Garcia takes pride in promoting wellness and improving quality of life through exercise, diet, and nutrition.  He also enjoys to work with athletes to help them enhance their physical fitness and abilities so that they are able to reach peak performance.

Ernesto was accepted into J.P. Verdisco Exercise internship program in June of 2015 and he was hired to work at J.P. Verdisco Exercise in August of 2015.  Mr.Garcia wrestled throughout high school and was a swim instructor for five years. He loves being active and playing sports, especially football which is his favorite. He is proud to be working with such a great group of people and looks forward to working with the wide variety of patients that come here.

Mike Santopietro

Exercise Physiologist

Mike graduated from Hofstra University with his masters degree in sport/exercise science. Before starting at J.P. Verdisco he was originally in the physical therapy and strength and conditioning field. Being an exercise physiologist here, he really enjoys the patient diversity by helping people improve there dysfunctions, biomechanics and overall physiology. Maintaining a healthy physiology is important to him, so he loves coming into work each day and sharing that with everyone he works with.


Outside of work, Mike was a former division 1 and 3 collegiate soccer player at St. Joseph's College and Hofstra University. Also he has a background in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling where he competed several times. This is where his passion and curiosity about this field began and he never looked back since

Linda Syskowski

Office Assistant

Linda handles all scheduling and accounts receivable.

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