What To Expect On Your Initial Fitness & Wellness Evaluation

Your initial evaluation will consist of a wide range of tests that will help us move you in the right direction for what you are trying to accomplish. Your prescribed program will be implemented by James himself or a member of his professional staff, under constant monitoring and assessment by James. (No extra charge if EKG interpretation is needed)

Cardiovascular Graded Exercise Test

to determine the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and if there is any clinical disease present

Orthopedic Testing

to test and evaluate muscle weakness, tendon and ligament damage, joint dysfunctions, spinal chord alignment, and postural displacement

Body Fat & Circumference Testing

to test and evaluate bone density, body mass index, body fat, lean body mass and abdomen-to-waist girth ratios

Flexibility Assessment

to evaluate muscle shortening and the optimal range, length of joints and lean muscle tissue

Athletic Testing

to evaluate and determine max VO2 values, aerobic threshold and lactate tolerance

Diseased Populations

using science and physiological review to help identify intensity of exercise appropriate to the disease and mediations currently taking

12 Week Cardio Program

calculated program to the individual’s physiological response with calculated caloric expenditure

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