Athletic Training Programs At J.P. Verdisco Health & Fitness

J.P. Verdisco Exercise Health and Fitness Inc. offers Sport Specific Team Training sessions that target cardiovascular/pulmonary function, neuromuscular strength training, and flexibility within the same 1 hour session. Athletes range from all ages and all levels of competition from the elementary school teams, all the way up to the professional ranks.


During your structured and personalized sport specific workout on our 16 cardiovascular machines and 14 selecterized strength machines, clinical exercise physiologists will be monitoring your every movement to ensure each athlete is progressing and enhancing to each individuals absolute genetic physiological capacities.

Benefits Of Our Team Training Program

• Enhancement of Athlete’s Genetic

     Physiological Capacities

• Enhance On-field Recovery

• Team Bonding

• Improve Fatigue Resistance

• Increase Fitness Levels

• Skill Program For On-field Training

• Increase Flexibility

• Enhance Neurological Sport Specific Function

• Reduce Injuries

• Optimal Nutrition For Sport Performance

• Guaranteed Muscular Strength/ Endurance


Group Training

Year Membership

Unlimited Group Classes

$40 Per Week

Month-To-Month Payment

6 Month Membership

Unlimited Group Classes

$45 Per Week

Month-To-Month Payment

12 Week Program

Up to 3 days per week

$45 Per Week

Paid In Full

1 on 1 Training

6 Week Program

Only $49 Per Session

Paid In Full

Year & 6 Month Membership

Call for special month-to-month savings rate

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