About J.P. Verdisco Exercise Health & Fitness Inc.

JP Verdisco Health and Fitness Inc., which also powers Exercise Science, Inc., are the only Clinical Exercise Physiology Centers open to the public in New York State. We are one of a kind in that there are no other services that can compare to our expertise in the field of physiology, rehabilitation, the prevention or control of clinical disease, weight management, sport science, general health and fitness.


Our approach is to treat the entire well being of the human body and to help decrease the onset of clinical disease. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to gain an edge over the competition or a cardiovascular patient looking to enhance your quality of life, our facility will provide you with only the most efficient, physiological and scientific exercise workouts. Entire workouts are designed for each individual and monitored by one of our many Clinical Exercise Physiologists.

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Types of individuals & treatments include, but not limited to:


   • Type I and type II Diabetes

   • Cancer

   • Weight Loss/Gain

   • Parkinson’s

   • Multiple Sclerosis

   • Orthopedic Injuries

   • Back/Neck Pain

   • Meniscal Tears

   • Pre/Post Surgery

   • High Fasting Blood Glucose

   • Metabolic Diseases

   • High Total Lipid Counts

   • Chronic Obstructive

        Pulmonary Disease

   • VO2 Max

   • High Cholesterol

   • High Blood Pressure

   • Stress Reduction

   • Sports Conditioning

   • Nutrition

   • Osteopenia

   • Osteoporosis

   • Flexibility

   • Neuromuscular

   • Strength Training

   • Neuromuscular Endurance

   • Cardiovascular Disease

   • Clinical Obesity

   • Pyriformis Syndrome

   • Neurological Function

   • Pre / Post Bariatric Surgery


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